About Our Dallas SEO Company


Local SEO Development is an experienced Dallas SEO company specializing in getting the work done that your business needs in order to be successful and make money online. We understand what not to do just as much as what makes money on the web. We speak “geek” just as well as we speak “human relationships”.

Our team firmly believes in setting the proper expectations in regard to what you expect as a client and what we expect as technical marketers. If you are looking for an Internet Marketing company to tell you what you want to hear, we are not the company for your business.

Our custom SEO strategies are not solely from a software program We do not push the keyboard enter button, email the report to you and ask for payment in exchange for something you could have done yourself. There are plenty of those SEO companies around and we are extremely proud to say we are not one of them.

Who We Are

SEO Executive Team

Kyle Watson – Master of Human Relationships

David Daniels – Technical SEO Geek

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What We Do

Search engine optimization audits are the key to rankings, traffic & conversions. We take great pride in the analysis and diagnosis of your website to give you the best opportunity to help your business succeed.

Local SEO Service

If your business is local or a large commerce website, you still need to have a presence in your neighborhood. We optimize websites as well as build them for functionality, usability, easy navigation, and make them fast so they are found in the search engines.

Google Local Optimization (Now called Google My Business) is the hub of being found in local search.

SEO Audit Service

Our SEO company knows firsthand the financial beating and traffic drop that a Google penalty will cause . We can help you recover.

Backlink Audit

Google penalty removal is one of our specialties. Having performed more than 200 link audits since 2012, we have acquired much needed experience for planning and executing Penguin penalty recovery.

Duplicate and Common Content Audit

We’ve racked up hundreds of Panda penalty recovery campaigns since 2011. That fateful day in February 2011, when the first Panda wreaked havoc, is fresh in our minds. We have recovered from penalties on client websites as well as experienced penalties our own sites.

Citation Audit and Cleanup Service

Citation NAP (Business Name, Business Address, Business Phone Number) consistency is critical to send the proper signals to the search engines about your locations. If a business has different NAP data in places such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, YellowPages, SuperPages, Yelp, etc., it becomes difficult to rank locally. We fix that for you with a citation audit and cleanup.